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Welcome to the most Flantastic Website on the Internet!

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Flan Clan NFTs

Explore our flantastic hand-drawn and limited NFT release.

Cardano Staking

Do you have ADA? Do you want to earn more? Well, why not join our stakepool?


All according to Flan and more! Weekly articles & content writing services.

Flan Clan NFTs

A small collection of 50-ish images of Flans living in Flan Land. It’s a limited run with hand-drawn assets by artist @morimochi_art. Each piece is unique and not mass-produced by some algorithm applying layers at random.

We believe that NFTs ought to be about celebrating our community and showcasing art, rather than just designing them as disposable speculatory assets. In addition, if you want to create a bespoke flan image of yourself, let us know and we can sort you out (limited to the first 100 people)!

The Flan Pool – TICKER [FLAN]

Chances are that you already know how to stake, though if the subject still confuses you don’t worry!  That’s what the staking hub is for as it has tutorials, articles and more!

It wasn’t that long ago that I was terrified of leaving the safety of a Centralized Exchange and storing ADA in my own wallet. Took me several months and a lot of reading for me to get comfortable.

Staking with FLAN not only strengthens Cardano, but you also receive a 4% annualized return on ADA, plus other exclusive goodies like NFTs and other surprises. As a bonus, you also help support my ability to produce more content!

Pool ID: pool1vcuefhjjncmsz6ww4p76f3d4hxtl3cd60tr332fwvz5essrk4n4

Team Flan

A very sarcastic and flippant ghostwriter, author and economist. 

He started his career building an analysis division at a boutique investment bank, then became a financial journalist for a few years and went independent.

When he’s not a flan, he’s working on a sci-fi trilogy and practising bow shooting. 
Senior Software Engineer by day and stakepool operator by night. Jakob is in charge of the technical side of stakepool operations in the FLAN pool.

He has many years of experience with system operations and FinTech security protocols, which ensures the FLAN pool is always fully operational and secure.
Mori Mochi
Mori Mochi
Artist, lover of Drag Race and all things cute, Mori Mochi is in charge of cooking up the flan NFTs.

She’s also Flantoshi’s pun tester. If it makes her groan or sigh, it’s a particularly good pun!


Here you will find my weekly articles and more! 

If you’re in Crypto or TradFi looking for someone to ghostwrite content for you, or consult regarding your content strategy, please do not hesitate to message me. I’m a full-time content producer.

Worth mentioning, if you delegate to [FLAN] you can win exclusive Flan Clan NFTs, along with other surprises. Delegating to FLAN helps support my content, and widen the amount of material available to you guys!

Support Flantoshi

Finally, if you would like to support this project and help me pay rent, I’ll also pass on the tip hat. 

Adahandle — $flantoshi


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The State of the Flampire – June 2022

Hello! It’s been almost ten days since we officially launched the FLAN pool and everything has been going much
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Bear Market Survival Guide

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The Basics of Staking – how to make sense of Cardano staking
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The Basics of Staking – how to make sense of Cardano staking

Here’s how to make sense of the staking dashboard in your wallet and also find a good pool to delegate

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If you have any questions regarding staking, the NFT collection, or content writing/consulting work with Flantoshi, please don’t hesitate to knock on my metaphorical door.

Contact: [email protected]

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